Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tempting {Typography}

Get inspired by Fonts in Use - a great catalog of real-world typography in use. It showcases the importance of the most basic element of communication: {type}. A great tool for inspiring you how to rethink your next project. Don't think of simply "letters" or "WORDS" , but expand and see shapes, form, and expression.

Great design isn't just about WHAT you're saying, but HOW and WHERE - color, size and placement can sell or sink your communication.

I design magazine covers for a travel company and have been getting tired with the 'same old fonts' - and while you want to stay within branding, I'm reminded that there is SOOO much creativity within a typeface, (I know, I'm a design nerd :) ), you just have to explore and have fun with it.

New challenge for myself: Find the NEXT big font family to represent communications and not to get too stuck in the fashionable- think forward!


Interior Designer Joe said...

Hi Auburn Antics!

I definitely think different typefaces can help prevent your message from becoming stale. I think some companies take the "branding" thing too far. Even if you say the same things over and over in advertising, if you freshen up the typography, it seems NEW.

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