Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nursery Nesting

It's a boy! :)

Now to tackle designing the nursery- but what theme to go with!? how to select a color!? and why do the girls have all the cute stuff out there!?

{Mission}: Design a modern, cute, non-blue room for baby that a girly girl {muah} would love to retreat in.
GOAL: Stop looking at pink stuff! Blue is fun too! :) In fact, there's almost TOO MUCH design inspiration out there!

{Online Visual Inspiration}

Ok, being a visual person, I sketched some basic concepts for nursery {THEMES}. Furniture placement was pretty set but wall color and decoration had a million directions it could to choose....

Here's some concept sketch ideas I came up with:

I went with the whimsical tree look. Painting and decorating was so much fun - like creative nesting. Make sure you use No VOS paint to keep you and bubby safe from the fumes. 

• Paint is the cheapest way to change a look. Instead of spending $$$ on vinyl stickers, I found some designs I liked and free-hand sketched similar looking images. 
• Curtains- I found a great twin sheet set at Target for $20. Split the top sheet in half. I used the bottom sheet as a skirt to the crib to tie in the pattern.
• Furniture- Baby's bureau is actually a repurposed filing cabinet. Works great! Top drawers for diapers and small items, bottom for blanket/sheet storage.

{Busy at work!}

10 Months later and he's still happy to wake up here each morning :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


{creatively sidetracked}

HELLO blog world.
I realized my posting record has been deplorable of late (as in 11/2 years, eek!). And while my excuse for busy-ness is amazing 
{ I now have a permanent assistant :) }, my computer availability for creative craftiness has

However, I am determined to catch you up on our crafty antics and plan on posting more INSPIRATION down the road.