Monday, January 10, 2011

The dress craze continues

Added another one to my bubby collection this weekend. I have enough fabric that I think I can make a sundress for myself in a similar style - if i dare! Children's clothing seems less intimidating right now.
Meet my "Honeysuckle" Sundress.
Materials: IKEA cut fabric. Pattern: Variation of MadeByRae.

Last night I tried a full pattern dress and was ironing the paper pattern flat across the entire living room carpet - maybe its a virgin sewer thing, but it was like trying to read a blueprint of a detailed heist or something! eek! 

Love my husband though for his encouragement and feeling proud of me in my new venture- that put the steam back into the project. 

...sooo 3 hours later I had templated and cut out all my pieces (almost! some lining to go). 
A white on white size 4 sundress should be appearing sometime this week! :)

Now to find some cute lil models to take pictures of with my dresses - any takers? :)


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